Gee Whiz Comedy ....Official Website of Actor/Comedian Rob Louis
Gee Whiz Comedy....Official Website of Actor/Comedian Rob Louis

Official Website of Actor/Comedian Rob Louis

Hey folks, so, we're pretty much up and running as I hope you can see! There's a lot of exciting stuff on the docket for the rest of 2016 and beyond.....STAY TUNED ;-) #emoticonlove


-Show Updates (as well as any projects Rob Louis and the other GWC folks are involved with)


-Blogs, Colums, and Orginal Artwork (stay tuned for more on that as well)


Basically, we're out to give YOU everything WE feel YOU as our fans deserve....Comedy, Entertainment, and more Comedy.


So, with all that being said, and from the bottom of our hearts, from the deepest recesses of our souls....well, maybe I shouldn't get too deep there? Kind of getting a little weird there right? 


We just wanted to say THANK YOU for supporting our s*it. Because with out you, well, it's just s*it (rather than being s*it with a fanbase).


See you soon....REAL soon

Want to know more about my background? Take a look at my resume, and please contact me with any questions, feedback and, of course, performance requests.

CHECK OUT GLADY's SHOW Wednesday's and Fridays @6PM ONLY @TheComicStripLive!
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Update for: FebMar 2016


-"Less Than 30" IS DONE! Check it out HERE (enjoy)


-I will be filming/editing the "StarTalk" Podcast from Jan-February (so far that's it). Brought to you by NatGeo, "StarTalk" is an amazing podcast featuring Comedian Chuck Nice, and renowned Astrophysicist: Neil Degrasse Tyson (YES, the one who hosts Cosmos on Fox)...More on that SOON!


-I'm working on a new podcast with Matty H called "The 300 Level" (check it out)


-Oh, and HEY! Yes, I'm still working hard at The WORLD RENOWNED Comic Strip Live! MANY MORE GOOD THINGS COMING UP!!!!


-I am doing a lot of freelance graphic/and video design projects throughout NYC! If I can help you out, try me at:


-You can catch me weekly on a Gladys' (mic) at 6PM (Wednesdays or Fridays for me) only at The Comic Strip Live!


-I'm still 2-2 in Roast Battles at The Comedy Store (I'm waiting for a NEW challenge this fall when I come for a visit. Come backk for more updates!




You can (again) catch me EACH and EVERY week at "The Comic Strip Live!" in Manhattan, NY on Wednesdays and Fridays (6PM for Gladys' Show)....OR you can catch me just about every other day of the week at any number of clubs and bars throughout the city performing as well!


(check my twitter feed for updates).





"Inside Jokes" in Hollywood, CA (inside of the world famous TCL Theater) (7PM) for the Carolyn Luckett Anniversary Show



"Flappers Comedy Club" in Burbank, CA (7PM) with Carolyn Luckett & Friends



"Flappers Comedy Club" in Burbank, CA (7PM) in "The YooHoo Room

-J Spot Comedy Club

-Maverick Flat's



"J Spot Comedy Club"

-Maverick's Flat




News & Shows

Catch me LIVE! at The Comic Strip EVERY Wednesday and Friday for Glady's Show @6PM


Check out some pictures from shows and shoots in our Photo Gallery. OR watch some of our videos on YouTube

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